EPIC International’s EPIC Air division is your one stop shop for Ingersoll Rand Centac® air compressor aftermarket parts and service. EPIC Air can provide a complete line of oem-quality parts for your 50HZ or 60HZ Centac® centrifugal air compressor along with global field service, shop repair capabilities, and world class technical support.

In 2016, EPIC Air increased its Centac® compressor aftermarket capabilities with the acquisition of 30-year industry veteran Air Relief Inc. of Mayfield, KY.  Air Relief was a leading supplier of oil-free centrifugal air compressor parts, repairs and field services and a specialist in serving Ingersoll Rand centrifugal air compressors.

Our Air Relief acquisition, coupled with our Houston headquarters and repair center, provides Centac® centrifugal air compressor owners with one of the most complete aftermarket offerings in the industry.  We can now provide aftermarket support in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle-East, and Africa.

EPIC has a dedicated sales team, technical experts, and a staff of seasoned service veterans who know how to meet the demands of the Ingersoll Rand Centac® centrifugal air compressor product line throughout its lifecycle.

Ingersoll Rand Centac Centrifugal Air Compressor

EPIC Air’s CENTAC® Offering:

COMPRESSOR PARTS – We support your fleet of Ingersoll Rand Centac® centrifugal air compressors with OEM-quality parts when needed, wherever you are located. Driven to keep your centrifugal air compressor up and running, EPIC Air maintains a comprehensive stock of key components designed for swift delivery to a global customer base. Centac® parts in stock include Air Coolers, Bearings, Diffusers, Bull Gears, Rotating Assemblies, Impellers, filters, gaskets and gasket kits, controls, and more.

FIELD SERVICE – To address your Ingersoll Rand Centac® centrifugal air compressor challenges, we offer a rapid response service, ranging from first-class overhauls and on-site repairs to custom-engineered solutions.  All performed by the industry’s top talent. With a deep bench of OEM-factory trained field technicians, EPIC Air is ready to service your Centac® centrifugal air compressors. EPIC Air also offers Preventative Maintenance Contracts for your centrifugal compressors, providing expert technicians to help optimize performance and extend the life of your valuable assets.

REPAIR – To help keep your Ingersoll Rand Centac® centrifugal air compressors running at peak-productivity, our three world class repair facilities (Houston, TX. / Mayfield, KY.) offer product and aero engineering, performed by OEM factory-trained technicians regardless of your  model’s age. Our facilities offer a variety of services and repairs for your equipment including “zero” hour overhauls, rotor inspection and repair, balancing, commissioning, cleaning, oil analysis, vibration analysis, and many others.

TURNAROUND SERVICE – To help streamline your Centac® air compressor turnarounds or overhauls, we employ the industry’s top talent. Every EPIC Air technician is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to support Centac compressor owners worldwide. And with our Air-End Exchange Service, we can replace your old Centac® with in-stock air ends to minimize downtime and eliminate the need for rental air. Our Centac® turnaround services include Rotor Balancing and Repairs, Cooler Case Sleeving, Laser Alignment, Bearings and Seal replacement, and Impeller/Diffuser Repairs

INTERCOOLERS – Ready for immediate support, EPIC Air maintains a comprehensive stock of replacement air coolers for your Centac® centrifugal air compressors from re-tubed replacement coolers to the new, better than OEM-style design. EPIC Air’s centrifugal air compressor intercooler program offers a broad selection of cooler materials and coating options. We produce and test every intercooler in-house, enabling greater quality control and minimizing production costs to deliver a superior quality product at an affordable price. To keep your equipment in pristine working order, EPIC Air maintains a comprehensive stock of intercoolers for immediate shipment. Within our state-of-the-art facilities, EPIC Air has the expertise, space and equipment to assemble and test your Ingersoll Rand Centac® intercoolers, as well as clean, test and repair coolers not manufactured by EPIC. Before shipment and installation, every intercooler is hydro-tested and dimensionally verified to ensure they are 100% leak-free and adhere to our own high EPIC Air standards for quality and reliability.

PRODUCT ENGINEERING – We know our Centac® centrifugal air compressor customers value custom-builds, so we offer specialty services to calibrate your compressor to its optimum potential. Today, we are your OEM-alternative for Centac® centrifugal compressors, backed by an extensive library of Aero designs and in-house engineering, enabling us to support your compressors with OEM-quality replacement parts, repair and machining services.

CONTROLS – To keep your Centac® centrifugal air compressors running at peak productivity, EPIC Air offers a line of high-performance compressor controllers. From our open-source TurboLogix™ to its next gen TurboLogix eV® controller, EPIC controls are designed to reduce routine compressor energy consumption and overall labor requirements, while supporting your custom system applications. Our TurboLogix™ controller reduces energy consumption and labor costs across the board for your Centac® centrifugal air compressor and is designed with a customizable Allen Bradley PLC interface utilizing open architecture.

AIR END EXCHANGE – Eventually, your air end needs to be repaired or replaced. EPIC’s Air End Exchange program streamlines the turn-around process of your air-end minimizing downtime and reducing overall costs.

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