Epic Energy is proud to service the legendary Ajax™ integral engine-compressor line, introduced in 1958, and provide oem-quality Ajax™ parts, field service, shop repairs, and technical support for all your engine-compressor needs.  From the EA to the modern DPC units, we have your aftermarket needs covered and will keep your Ajax™ equipment running profitably for years to come.  Our dedicated global service teams are trained to work on all vintages of Ajax™ integral engine-compressors, and we have standard replacement and overhaul parts in inventory and ready for immediate shipment around the globe including new and reconditioned parts, exchange parts, and conversion kits.


PARTS – We support your Ajax™ integral engine-compressor fleet with OEM-quality power and compressor parts when they are needed, wherever you are located.  Regardless of the vintage of your Ajax™ engine-compressor, we’re ready to provide responsive support.  Our Ajax™ parts offering includes:  compressor and power pistons, bearings, power cylinders, ring sets, gasket kits, bushings, compressor rods, and many more.  Epic Energy is the global Ajax™ OEM-alternative, offering a complete line of parts for the world’s Ajax™ fleet.  Backed by in-house technical expertise and the ability to cast and manufacture out-of-date components, we’re ready to extend the life of your engine-compressor.

REPAIR – Ajax™ integral engine-compressor are complex machines, demanding an experienced team of technicians with an intricate understanding of engine and compressor performance. To best service and maintain your legacy compressor, Epic Energy employs the leading OEM-trained repair technicians in the industry.  And our state-of-the-art facilities and in-house manufacturing capabilities for engine and compressor parts are industry leading.  Services include crosshead & crankshaft repair, lubrication pump rebuilds, cylinder rebuilds, piston rod packing replacement, guide bearing replacement and many others.

FIELD SERVICE – Epic Energy leverages decades of OEM-experience and the industry’s top-talent to optimize the performance of your Ajax™ engines-compressors.  Our deep bench of OEM factory-trained field-service technicians are strategically located across our regional facilities to immediately respond to your Ajax™ challenges.   Nimble and responsive, Epic Energy solves common to complex engine and compressor challenges across the globe. Our OEM-factory-trained field-service technicians are the best in the industry, executing engine-compressor repairs faster and more efficiently. With a global reach and strategically-located facilities, Epic Energy is ready to deploy whenever we are needed.  Driven to reduce downtime, our crews and back-office support will rapidly diagnose and address mechanical issues so you gain maximum value from your assets.  Services include:  preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, 24/7 emergency service, assembly, installation, startup support, overhauls, and rebuilds.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE – Peace of mind is priceless, especially when mitigating downtime for your Ajax™ integral engine-compressor. Epic Energy helps preserve your investments and optimize your performance with our preventive maintenance programs. Epic Energy’s scheduled maintenance services are designed for reliability and maximum efficiency. We can tailor a plan around your equipment to augment your workforce, or work with your maintenance team to create custom maintenance plans to best enhance your equipment.  By focusing on aftermarket excellence, Epic Energy has assembled the industry’s top talent in field service and support professionals. Our goal: optimize efficiency and performance, while reducing unnecessary repairs, downtime and depreciation of your valuable Ajax™ assets. With several strategically located facilities in the United States and overseas, we can respond to any challenge rapidly with industry-proven expertise and best-in-class service.

IMG Ajax Workers
Ajax™ engine-compressor overhauled at Epic's headquarters outside Houston Texas
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