April 2018: EPIC International is committed to becoming the leader in the global reciprocating compressor aftermarket as a preferred OEM alternative, and we are pleased to announce that another step has been taken toward the achievement of that goal. EPIC International has partnered with Peak Power and Compression of Albuquerque, NM and, together, will supply the market with the most reliable and leak-free two piece pre-combustion chambers and fuel check valves for CAT® 3600 industrial engines.

The pre-combustion chamber has been tested and certified by the Department of Energy’s Combustion Research Facility and has been operating on CAT® 3600 engines in the field for 3 years. Its patent-pending design features an Inconel 718 seal between the body and the welded removable tip that is certified to 26,000 psi and provides positive pressure against the sealing surface under all conditions guaranteeing that leaks will not form. The pre-combustion chambers are manufactured in the United States under AS9100 (aerospace) certification.

Our pre-combustion chambers and check valve kits come pre-packaged with all the necessary seals and gaskets required for installation. If you are replacing your CAT® 3600 engine power heads, we will also provide a head gasket kit.

Epic International’s vice president of reciprocating products, John Sargent, said “Our partnership with Peak Power and Compression, and our ability to now serve the global CAT® 3600 customers with a truly reliable pre-combustion chamber, advances our company’s mission to be the preferred OEM alternative in the global compressor aftermarket. Our CAT® 3600 two-piece pre-combustion chambers are field tested, industry proven, and leak free – all with the best warranty in the industry! CAT® 3600 users will enjoy longer service life from these pre-chambers, emissions reduction in many instances, and significant cost savings over the life-cycle of the product.”

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