EPIC Engine Parts

EPIC engine parts are manufactured to provide maximum total life cycle value, delivering exceptional quality, performance, and reliability. As a full service provider for your entire industrial engine parts needs, EPIC Industrial Solutions applies proven expertise and our deep understanding of engine’s functionality to provide OEM-quality power parts, help trouble shoot challenges and ensure you reach peak engine performance. Regardless of the brand, we’re ready to provide responsive support, whether you’re searching for expedient delivery or customized components.

EPIC Engine Parts - OEM-quality parts - EPIC International


  • Power Pistons
  • Power Cylinder / Liner
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Bearings
  • Ring Sets
  • Gasket Kit

New Power Products

  • Power cylinders and liners
  • Power cylinder heads
  • Power pistons
  • Power piston pins
  • Bearings and bushings

Product Accessories & Miscellaneous Repair

  • Gaskets and gasket kits
  • Power, fuel and air valves
  • Small parts – studs, fittings, grommets
  • Piston rings & rider bands – for power and compressor
  • Power valve seats
  • Crankshaft and camshaft repair